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Part of The Green Box @ Skåttvånska Gruvan


Pop Up Galleri @ Galleri Bergman in Stockholm

In association with Moods Designstudio.

Mariefreds Salongen

Two pieces of art on display. Judged by jury.

Solo Show ”Ganska nära”@ Philip Art Gallery Mariefred 

Kommunala Inköp 2013
Part of artshow @ Eskilstuna Konstmuseum in february 2014

Part of artshow in Portugal
November 2013

Art display at restaurant La Cata in Spain

Part of ”Schwedische Kunst in Berlin” 5th of june – 16th of june

Finisage @Mood Studios with ”Outsiders”

Visit their website here!

16th february 2013 – with Mikael Altersten and Fredrik Sköld

Art now for sale @ Dusty Deco
Visit their website here!

Sold art to Eskilstuna Kommun

Cover art for The Shining ”Tillsammans är vi allt

Order your copy here.

Art Show @ Eskilstuna Konstmuseum

November 2012 – January 2013 with dance performance by Ceecee Karlsson.

Art show @ Gamla Kraftverket in Munkfors the 29th september.
Read more here!

Art show ”Outsiders” @ Jernberghska in Eskilstuna the 29 th september.

Solo Show – Tearseus 2012

Sacke-Art will have a solo artshow in 2012 at Tearseus, Hornspuckeln in Stockholm, Sweden. Start-date: september 8th, End-date: september 26th.

Selected as scholar 2012 by the enriched Eskilstuna Konstförening

As scholar Sacke-Art is going to have solo showroom in Eskilstuna Konstmuseum in november 2012.
Click here to visit Eskilstuna Konstförenings website.

Featured in Plaza interior nr 5

Art display at Jernberghska Cafe in Eskilstuna

Part of ”100 meter konst”

Painting in Aftonbladet

Date: 18 february, 2012
Cover art for The Brotherhoods album ”Turn the gold to Chrome”

Solo Show – Konsträmjandet, Eskilstuna 2012

Start-date 4th february 2012, End-date: 23rd february.

Outsiders @ Gnesta Konsthall
Sacke-Art will be showing art at Gnesta Konsthall, starting january 7th, ending january 22 in 2012.

Bela Biennial (Portugal)
Sacke-Art wille be feautured during BELA (”Biennial of european and latin american contemporary art”) in 2012, Portugal. Between 15th of january and 30th of march.

Contemporary Art Fair 2011 – Carrousel du Louvre, Paris
Sacke-Art will be showing art in Paris, Carrousel du Louvre at the Contemporary Art Fair 2011. Between the 23rd and 24th of october.

Sold painting to Eskilstuna konstförening
Eskilstuna Konstförening purchased ”Den enes dans, den andres allvar”.

Höstsalong 2011

Sacke-Art will be attending Konstnärernas Höstsalong 2011, 30th september-2nd october.
Check out their homepage here!

Esbjerg, Denmark
Sacke-Art will be featured in an artshow along side other artist in Esbjerg, Denmark. From 9th of september til the 26th of september 2011.

Sörmlandssalongen 2011 @ Eskilstuna Konstmuseum

Sacke-Art will be showing art during ”Sörmlandssalongen” august 27th til october 16th 2011 along side other artist from Sörmland, Sweden.

Exhibition @ Kontrast Kulturkväll

Shining single ”Förtvivlan min arvedel” is distributed with Swedish Rock Magazine.
The single which Sacke-Art designed the front cover of is now distributed to over 10 000 rockers in Sweden.

Designed front cover of the music single ”Förtvivlan min arvedel” from the band Shining

Check out their video below.

Art display at
”Restaurang P2”

Sacke-Art is featured in the restaurant P2 next to Eskilstuna Konstmuseum.
(Click photo to get to P2 ´s homepage.)

Live interview with Sveriges Radio P4, 5th of may 2011

Click here to hear and read more!

Solo Show
”Vad hände med vackert?” at ”Galleri Sjöhästen”

Sacke-Art Solo Show ”Vad hände med vackert?” will be taking place between the 30th of april and the 14th of may 2011 at Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping.

Check out their homepage!

Sold artwork to

”Eskilstuna kommuns konstförening”

”Skatterverkets konstförening”

”Sjöhästens vänners konsförening”

”Länsförsäkringar Sörmlands konstförening”

and ”Sörmlands Sparbankens konstförening”.

Lokomotivet Forumbar – 19th of april
Showing art and giving a lecture along side performance by Camilla Carlsson.

Art display at premier of Tandla Skola

Donation for a fund raise
in Italy.

Sacke-Art donated ”Who Cares” to a fund raiser in Italy to benefit children who suffer from diseases.

Steninge Slott, Stockholm, Sweden med Fotografiska.
Sacke-Art will be showing art at Steninge Slott, the 24th of february 2011. Along side artwork by eight other artist and Fotografiska Stockholm.

Winner of
”årets Konstnär 2010”

Sacke-Art won first place in ”årets Konstnär 2010″/”Artist of the year 2010” (in the Oil-category) with the painting ”Tankar kring förebilder”.
Selected as winner of the jury and by votes of the people.

Featured in ”Julkul”
Sacke-Art will be part of ”Julkul” at Galleri Sjöhästen.

Collaborating with
AVA Gallery

Sacke-Art is now collaboratin with AVA Gallery in Helsinki, Suomi.

Check their homepage here.

årets Konstnär 2010, 4-14 december 2010
Between the 4th and 14th of december 2010, in Smedjan, Eskilstuna.Check out artwork of different artists and cast your vote for who should be ”Artist of the year”.

Donating artwork to fundraiser for pediatrics-ward
Sacke-Art will be donating artwork to a fundraiser to benefit the Mälarsjukhuset pediatrics-ward.

O-tradition @ Formverk Art Zone, Eskilstuna

Featured at the exhibition at Formverk Art Zone in Eskilstuna. Starts november 28th and ends december 19th 2010.
Vernissage at Formverk Art Zone will be taking place the 27th of november (saturday).

Samlingsutställning, 21:an – Eskilstuna.
Exhibition, 30-31th october, at the Eskilstuna-mall ”21:an”.

Featured at Advokaterna Andén och Thim
Sacke-Art is featured at the office of Advokaterna Andén och Thim.

Talentum Media Group

Konstverket ”När den tredje känslan rostar” är inköp av Talentum Media Groups konstförening

Featured at ”Lilla Galleriet, Umeå, Sweden

Work by Sacke-Art is now available to buy at ”Lilla Galleriet” in Umeå.
Check out their homepage here!

Represented at ”Galleri Sjöhästen”
Sacke-Art is represented at ”Galleri Sjöhästen”, Nyköping, Sweden.

Check out their homepage!

Represented by Terseause, Stockholm, Sweden

Sacke-Art is now represented at Terseause.
Check out their homepage here!

Konstnärernas Höstsalong 2010
Will be showing art at ”Konstnärernas Höstsalong 2010” (Kistamässan) during 24-26th of september 2010.

Check their homepage here.
Window Art Display in Eskilstuna
Window art display by Sacke-Art, Margareta Gelles, Gunilla Lifvegren and Camilla Karlsson.

Featured at Carlings

Featured at Jernberghska, the nicest restaurant in Eskilstuna
Sacke-Art has 4 paintings featured at Jernberghska, one of the top restaurants in Eskilstuna.

Featured at
”Världens längsta mobila utställning”

August 2010 Sacke-Art will be featured at ”Världens längsta mobila utställning” (Kalklinbanans vecka).
Visit the homepage here!

Elected member of
Swedish Art
(Svenska Konstnärer, SVK)

Sacke-Art has been accepted into SvK(Swedish Art)
as from june 2010.

Featured at ”Sommarsalong”
(Artnow Gallery)

Will be showing art along side with: Ernst Billgren, Salvador Dali, Toze Figueiredo, Robert Hilmersson, Marika Lang, Margareta Nislander, Larissa Stenlander and Rupert J. Smith.
Check it out at Art Now Gallery, Götabergsgatan 32, 411 34 GOTHENBURG. (Sweden.)

Elected member of
The Swedish Artist ´s National Organization
(Konstnärernas Riksorganisation, KRO)

Sacke-Art has been accepted into KRO (The Swedish Artist ´s National Organization) as from today, 26th april 2010.

Featured at
Ebelingmuseet Konstsalong

The jury of Konstsalong 2010 has selected ”Abstract Factory With a Smell of Decay” to be featured at Ebelingsmuseet in Eskilstuna.
Starting date: 24th April – End date: 13th June.

Guest designer for
Blue Highway Denim

Collaborating on Blue Highways black edition, each unique pair will have hand painted art by Sacke-Art. Artwork will be on the inside of one pocket.

Featured at
Eskilstuna Art Museum Shop

Sacke-Art limited edition prints will be for sale at Eskilstuna Art Museum Shop, starting april 2010.

Sacke-Art featured at
Starting 5th of march 2010

”Sense of Calm”

2010-02-24 @ Formverk art zone eskilstuna(Gredbyvägen 18)
During the opening of ”A Tree Full Of Birds”.

Envisioned by Sackarias Luhanko.
Performance by Alexandra Mets.
Choreography by Hanna Ehrlund and Cecee Carlsson.

Photos by: Nicklas Hallberg

Sacke-Art together with Fredrik Sköld and Barry Fisher with Guest Artist Goro Endow (Japan)
2010-01-29 to 2010-02-29

En 6:a dekadens
Solo Show, 5th of january 2010
Photo by: Jonas Eklund

Rehersalvideo of ”Sense of Calm”

Hjerta, Sveavägen 23, Stockholm 2009-12-01
Solo Show

Foto: Peter Oddson

Nordic Fringe Festival, 2009-08-27 to 2009-08-30

Solo Show, 2009-05-23
at Fine Arte Gallery, London
”A large crowd attended for the launch of Sackarias Luhanko display of works… Cool atmosphere and so many positive comments!”

En Vistelse i Moll, 2009

Solo Show at Galleri 35



Coming Down, 2009
Solo Show at Raw

Set design for Charlie Rivel Jr dance schools ”Nightmare before Christmas”-show in Eskilstuna.

Beautiful Darkness 2008
Solo Show at Raw – Photos by




Article from local news paper from vernissage 5/1 08

Featured at Eskilstuna Rekarne Sparbank Art ClubDuring nov-dec 2008. The club bought Clear for a Second.Konst eller konstigt,2008
with Henry Kotalainen

Coverwork for Brotherhood
Sacke-Art ´s painting ”So many stars” will be used as front cover by Brotherhood.
Check out their MySpace here!

Donation to Free the West Memphis Threes support fund
Sacke-Art donated ”3 skulls” to Free the West Memphis Threes support fund, 2006. Auctioned at the Texas Fearfest.
br> Utställning Café Sylvia, 2005
Solo Show

Has featured art together with following bands:
Karjalan Sissit
In slaughter natives

Celebrity clients
Arkan Assad, author

Markus Mustonen, drummer of swedish rockband Kent
– ”Dismemberment of beauty” august 2007.

Ed Harcourt, brittish musician
– custom made painting 2006.

Nicklas Kvaforth, Shining

Peter Bjärgö, Arcana/Tyrant

Margareta Gelles, artist

Nicklas Kvaforth of the swedish black metal band Shining. Owner of my painting Fear.

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